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We partner with companies to help them achieve real and lasting change. Our proven solution is rooted in cutting-edge human performance and scaled through our user-friendly technology platform. Customized and flexible enough to fit within  your unique organization.

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At work or on the go, employees have targeted movement solutions at their fingertips.

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Provide your team with proven solutions rooted in human performance.

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Our experts are with you every step of the way through onboarding, adoption, and sustainability to tailor the program and training content to fit within your unique organization.

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Passionate About Safety

We know that a company is only as strong as the people who compose it. We also know that no person can be their best when they're in pain. That's why we founded Vimocity - to help companies keep their team members safe, moving well and thriving.

Designed For Your Needs

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Customized Solutions

Customized plans to fit your organization's unique injury risks and cultural factors

Trusted By Leading Organizations


Reduction in injuries

*Related to muscle & joint injuries


Decrease in restricted days

*Related to muscle & joint injuries


Cost Reduction

*Related to muscle & joint injuries

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What Our Customers Say

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The level of participation of our employees has really surprised me. We’ve clearly seen a reduction in soft tissue injuries. I recommend Vimocity because it really does produce results.

Bryan Sabari - Vice President of Safety & Health; Potelco, Inc.

User Reviews

I have used the tools and videos that were provided to us from your company and have done the exercises. I have noticed a big difference in my joints, my balance has gotten better, my pain in my bones are less. Vimocity is a business that cares and I thank you.

Zoraida F
Work Coordinator, FL

I've injured myself a number of times and a lot of it's probably attributable to improper form and lack of a good warmup. Using the education & dynamic stretches that I've learned from Vimocity has really helped me with this. Vimocity is something to look forward to.

Andrew S
Warehouser, WA

The Vimocity moves have really helped my movement and to feel better on a daily basis. The challenges in the app are a great tool to help keep everyone involved and encouraged especially in these tough times.

Mike K
Power Delivery Foreman, OK

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