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Vimocity will help your company reduce sprains & strains within your workforce by implementing an evidence guided approach world-class athletes use to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Don’t just leave it to chance. We use data to help drive your decision making process.

Unite your team to cultivate a culture of injury prevention.

Address the needs of employees in an engaging, interactive program.

Online platform that employees can use in the field.

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We understand the frustration and pressures of reducing healthcare costs related to sprains and strains. That is why we take the best in sport performance and apply it to your workforce. This program not only engages and empowers your workforce but also encourages a culture that embraces movement and promotes prevention.

Top Athletes in the World

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What’s your team’s specialty?

Whether your company consists of manual laborers, desk jockeys, or road warriors, we can design a program that meets your team’s specific needs.

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Make movement a priority within your team. This program is for companies looking to reduce worker compensation costs and recordable injury rates in the area of overuse and sprain-strain injuries.

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Improve the quality of life for your employees in and out of the office. Decrease aches and stiffness that occur from prolonged sitting and repetitive motions.