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No one can be their best when they're dealing with stiffness and soreness- that's true for both work and in life. In partnership with your company, Vimocity is dedicated to providing you and your families with education and resources inspired by the world's top athletes to keep you moving well.


No one can be their best when they're in pain- that's true for both work and in life. Your company cares about ensuring all of their team members have access to resources to keep them safe, healthy and moving well.

Vimocity as a collective is a group of movement specialists, sports medicine professionals, tech geeks, and business strategists, who are all bound together by a passion for improving people’s lives by giving them the tools needed to prevent injuries, move well and ultimately live life to the fullest.

We've helped over 15,000 people get out of pain and have spent thousands of hours interviewing individuals on what habits changed their lives- all for one purpose:  To bring you the very best framework to live a life free of movement limitations. 

Let's get you started! Follow these easy steps and you'll be on your way for the phone app:

  1. Visit your app store or google play store and search "Vimocity" to download the app
  2. Make a login & password
  3. Looking for your registration code? Contact coach@vimocity.com and we'll provide you the code.

For the web portal, use the same login information that you use for the phone app.

You can find your company's current 5-min Daily Body Care Routine in the phone app or web portal.

You can also choose to target specific areas of the body by doing 2-3 targetted moves throughout the day. You can find these movements classified by the body part you want to focus on in the app and portal. The best ways to incorporate these moves throughout your day are as movement breaks after being in one position for 2 hours or more, before performing activity, or at the end of the day as recovery.

Head to the new employee onboarding page to find everything you need to get started!

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