Service Plans

Customized packages to fit your organization's size and needs.


For smaller organizations under 200 people.

Top Features:

Employee access to Vimocity phone app

Employee access to Vimocity web app

Monthly safety topic: Video + training resources 

Baseline onboarding and customer support


For medium to larger organizations or those seeking advanced engagement tools.

Top Features:

Employee and familiy member access to Vimocity phone app

Employee and family member access to Vimocity web app

New monthly training videos for safety meetings

Advanced onboarding and ongoing customer support

Company-wide competitions

Customized company-specific training resources

Real-time reporting


For Safety and HR teams looking for specific resources to support their team members.

Top Features:

Customized training library to help safety and HR teams be effective

Various job-specific packages based on your team's unique needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Larger and dispersed organizations generally need more support to achieve widespread adoption. Vimocity offers that higher-touch support in our Enterprise package. If you have questions about which service package is right for you and your team, we're happy to walk you through the options. Contact us.

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