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Preparing your team for the rapid growth of clean power

3 ways top companies are preparing their workforces for the rapid expansion of clean power

Investing in digital solutions

The need for digital solutions to reach the increasingly distributed workforce has never been greater.

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Job-specific training for emerging roles

New job types and tasks in the emerging clean energy sector require new training resources to drive operational efficiency.

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Protecting the longevity of the skilled workforce

The average utility worker in clean energy will require an even greater level of investment to build job competency.

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Digital solutions for the clean power workforce

The transition to a fully digitalized utility and clean energy workers was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and will only continue with the clean power expansion. As autonomous operations increase the need for digital solutions to reach the remote workforce has never been greater. Vimocity is helping meet this need by providing leading companies with a fully functional web and mobile app focused on improving job performance and employee safety.

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Job-specific training that is tailored to the work your employees do:

As new job types and tasks emerge with the closure of carbon-emitting generation sources in favor of clean energy generation, utility leaders are feeling the demand for new job-specific training resources. Vimocity's extensive library of job task training videos provides employees with microlearning on optimal body positioning and equipment use tailored to the task at hand.

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Provide your team with consumable and relevant training that is available on the go.

Vimocity is the industry leader in utility and clean power-specific micro learning focused on reducing physical stress to the body while performing common job tasks. 

Protecting the longevity of the skilled workforce

As the demand for technically skilled labor increases, maintaining and optimizing the health of your current workforce is a top priority. That's why leading utility and clean energy companies are doubling down on their efforts to extend the longevity of their skilled workforce. Vimocity's digital injury-prevention solution improves the durability of skilled workers by delivering tailored guided movements based on job demands and individual profile.

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What Our Customers Say

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The level of participation of our employees has really surprised me. We’ve clearly seen a reduction in soft tissue injuries. I recommend Vimocity because it really does produce results.

Bryan Sabari - Vice President of Safety & Health; Potelco, Inc.