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Your Wallet Might Be Causing You Back Pain

Imagine sitting for 11 hours every day. It might not be too difficult considering the average American sits for more than 11 hours per day*. But now imagine sitting on a large block for those 11 hours every day. It may seem unrealistic, but that’s essentially what most of us are doing every day if we keep our wallet in our back pockets.

When you think about it in those terms, it’s not surprising that the majority of us experience back pain or discomfort that radiates down our leg. Sitting in and of itself can be hard on the body, but adding in a block-like structure under one of our hips greatly amplifies the stress of sitting. Here’s why:

The Dangers of Sitting with a Wallet in Your Back Pocket:

  • The wallet causes your hips to shift so that one hip is significantly higher
  • This shift in our hips puts extra strain on our spine
  • The pressure of the wallet can cause compression of the piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerve, which can lead to pain in the buttock and potentially down the leg.
  • The likelihood of this resulting in pain or an injury is amplified when we stay in this position for extended periods of time

Fortunately, our fates aren’t sealed. There are several simple steps we can take to reduce our risks even if we’re not willing to take our wallets out of our back pockets:

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4 Simple Solutions:

THE NO-BRAINER: Find your wallet a new home while sitting or driving. Here are a few suggestions that both you and your wallet can live with:

  1. While Driving:  In the center console
  2. While in the Office:  On your desk next to you while sitting.
  3. Anytime:  Your front pocket or a personal bag

DOWNSIZE: Switch to a minimalist wallet to reduce the thickness of your wallet. The limited space will force you to only keep what you need.

PHONE CASE: Cell phone wallet cases hold your I.D, credit cards, and cash, which pretty much eliminates the need for a wallet. (Just make sure you don’t sit on your phone either!)

SPRING CLEANING: The cheapest solution yet! We bet that if you thoroughly looked through your wallet, you would find several business cards or frequent shopper cards that you don’t need on a daily basis. Simply take out the extra bulk.

Think about what your favorite activities are- perhaps it’s playing with your kids or grandkids, hiking, fishing, playing guitar or even just spending time with friends. It seems simple, but something as simple as doing a wallet analysis and taking one action step could keep you doing those activities pain-free. Take action today!

Interested in getting more resources like this for your team’s health and safety meetings? Reach out to us to learn more about how Vimocity can support you.

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Disclaimer: Vimocity does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
If you experience any pain with any movements immediately stop and consult a qualified healthcare provider.

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