VimStrong Part 2: How to Keep Your Body Moving During COVID-19

By Jason Bacigalupo
Vimocity Performance Coach

In Part I of our VimStrong Series we discussed the importance of Keeping Your Mind Strong.  Today, in Part II we discuss Keeping Your Body Moving.


Research shows that body movement and regular exercise are critical to maintaining physical health.  In fact, the CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week.

Yet, if gyms are closed and routines are disrupted it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain regular movement, let alone regular exercise.  So let’s walk through two strategies you can implement to help ensure that movement remains a regular part of your day:

Strategy #1: Set a reminder to join the Vimocity Team for Daily Body Care.

With all the uncertainty of the current situation, it’s quite possible that regular movement gets pushed down the list of priorities.  But just like brushing our teeth remains an essential activity, even in the most challenging of circumstances, so too should regular movement.  

Vimocity has made it easy for you to take a movement break by offering live-streamed Daily Body Care Monday – Friday.  This a great chance to take the guesswork out of what moves you should do. We’ve strategically designed each guided routine to give you the most benefit for your time. Plus it only takes 10 minutes out of your day! If this time doesn’t work for your schedule, all broadcasts are recorded and available on-demand on the Vimocity Portal.  Click here to see the schedule & see the past live-streams.

Strategy #2: Create Scenarios to Encourage Movement

One of my favorite tricks for getting more movement into my day is to park farther away if I’m going out somewhere (like the grocery store).  Alternatively, if I’m stuck at home, I’ll always try to find a few opportunities in my day to take a 10-minute walk. The fresh-air break alone is worth it!  Lastly, I’ll sometimes use a smaller water container to drink from, which prompts me to get up more frequently for a refill.

What strategies can you come up with for promoting more movement within your day?


We typically frame our conversations about movement around its benefits to the body.  However regular movement provides a host of benefits to the brain as well.

Because the physiological impact on the brain is so powerful, movement offers the ability to positively impact your mood and overall outlook.  Here’s what happens to when you move your body:

  1.  Stress Reduction: Movement is a good stress (eustress) on the body that helps to balance out the effects of negative stressors.  During this time especially, you can use movement as a tool to clear your mind and relieve stress.
  2. Stimulate Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins: Moving your body increases production of these mood altering chemicals, which helps create a more positive outlook.
  3. Improve Self-confidence:  Movement can help you achieve feelings of accomplishment and increased self-worth.
  4. Increase Brain Function: Not only does your thinking become clearer, but your memory becomes sharper as well.  You may also find that you’re more creative when you remember to move regularly.
  5. Feel More Relaxed:  Depending on how intensely you choose to move, movement can serve as an outlet for pent up anxiety and stress or aid in relaxation and mindfulness.  As a result, you may find that the quality of your sleep improves as well.

In short, this means that your brain gets a “boost” from regular movement.  You not only feel better physically, but you also reduce your risk of depression and improve your focus, outlook and overall ability to function.


While the benefits of regular movement to the body might seem fairly obvious, don’t overlook the impact that regular movement has on the brain.  

By setting a reminder to move every so often or doing something as simple as taking a 10-minute walk, you’re helping both your body and your mind. That’s a powerful return in just a few minutes of movement!

The Vimocity team is here for you.  If you have questions regarding our programs, our content or anything related to Moving Better, Feeling Better and Living Better simply reach out to us at  Or better yet, join us on one of our live-streamed Daily Body Care sessions and ask your questions there!

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