VimStrong Part 3: Staying in Community

By Jason Bacigalupo
Vimocity Performance Coach

In Part I of our VimStrong Series we discussed the importance of Keeping Your Mind Strong.  

In Part II we discussed ways Keeping Your Body Moving.  

Finally, in Part III we’re going to touch on the importance of community and how to stay in contact with people, even in isolation.


Now that we are several weeks into the Coronavirus quarantine, people across the country are finding themselves isolated from friends and family. However, now, more than ever, it’s important for us to stay connected with those closest to us, as social interaction deeply affects multiple aspects of our mental health, health behavior, physical health, and mortality risk. Being in community is so important and fortunately, we live in a time where we’re more connected than ever, via technology. Now is the time to leverage that technology to stay in touch, both for our own health and the health of our loved ones.


1. Pick Up the Phone

During a time like this it’s easy to lose contact with people – after all we have our own concerns to focus on.  But taking the time to check in with people can be incredibly powerful. 

I’ve tried to make it point to call a couple friends or family members each day to check in with them.  People all around the country are affected differently right now. It’s been so helpful to connect with my friends and family members in other parts of the country and how they are weathering this crisis.  And, because Washington was one of the first states hit, they want to know how we’re handling this health crisis and what to be aware of as things progress.

2. Video Chat

There’s something reassuring about the ability to see our family and friends.  

Most of my wife’s family lives in her native Venezuela, other parts of South America and Europe.  It’s important for her to be able to laugh with them as she shares the latest crazy thing our two-year-old is doing.  It means the world to them to see her and know that we’re all doing well.

Speaking of the little guy, he lights up at the prospect of seeing “papa” and my parents love watching and listening to him. Interaction is necessary at any age!

Right now, we all certainly have priorities that supersede our interest in maintaining a regular exercise program, but let’s not overlook its value.

3. Virtual Exercise

There are stories throughout the United States of gyms, yoga studios and personal trainers keeping their clients engaged through livestreamed classes.  What a fantastic opportunity to Stay In Community, Keep Your Mind Strong and Keep Your Body Moving!  

If you belong to a gym or take a class, your provider may be offering this right now.  If not, it might be a great time to get started. Just pick the class that’s right for you!


We have rolled out a livestreamed Daily Body Care session that meets everyday at 10 am PST.  The 10-minute session is led by Dr. Kevin Rindal and the Vimocity team.  We also have a live chat so that you can connect with a Vimocity coach and others in the Vimocity community.  Additionally, we are offering Kids Moves Daily, Monday – Friday at 10:30 PST, as a chance for kids to also get up and move.  These sessions are led by Dr. Kevin and his boys Grant and Logan. These are both great opportunities to get up, move around and connect with members of the Vimocity community around the country.  


The Vimocity team is here for you.  If you have questions regarding our programs, our content or anything related to Moving Better, Feeling Better and Living Better simply reach out to us at  Or better yet, join us on one of our live-streamed Daily Body Care sessions and ask your questions there!

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