EEI Recap Article

Last week Vimocity attended the EEI Annual conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Conference rooms filled with Vice Presidents and CEOs from some of the largest utility companies in the United States. Session topics ranged from energy policy to extreme weather preparedness to the increase of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in company fleets. Sparking great discussions and providing numerous learning lessons to take and implement. 

To kick off the event, Girls Who Code CEO, Reshma Saujani, gave an inspiring speech and taught us that the greatest opportunity for future human capital is young girls. 


To conclude the opening general session we heard from former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Tom Kuhn, EEI President, asked Ryan about the tough work of designing and implementing public policy, plus what lessons he learned from working in Congress.

On the second day, Chef José Andrés was a vibrant and inspiring speaker. Providing insight from his recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, and feeding hundreds of thousands of those in need after the devastating hurricane. 

The final keynote was U.S. Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, giving his praise to the hard-working women and men of the utility industry, and their willingness to respond to what’s needed of them in times of disaster.  

Each breakout session had a myriad of learnings to take away. 

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Key Learnings:

  1. The aging workforce and keeping them healthy is a concern for each company. 
  2. With severe weather increasing because of climate change, utility companies have to take preventative measures to keep everyone safe.
  3. Cyber Security is top of mind for every large utility.
  4. New technologies in energy storage are the key to future success.

From the perspective of Vimocity, keeping employees healthy is our number one priority. We heard from multiple executives that the aging workforce and keeping their workers healthy is a top priority. Also, with the proliferation of climate change, we will start to see more and more extreme weather. Taking preventative measures on worker safety, grid safety, and power storage is key to the success of all utilities. 

This marks our first EEI event. The staff did an amazing job and each session was highly informational. As a company, we look forward to attending more EEI events. 

For more information on the EEI visit their website here ( or find them on Twitter and Facebook

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