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Leadership | lead·er·ship | ˈlēdərˌSHip

  1. the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

Have you ever met someone and immediately recognized that they are a leader- someone worth following? There are few people who meet Kevik Rensink, one of the safety consultants at an energy company, who don’t feel that way.

Need proof? When Vimocity posted a video announcing that Kevik was one of the winners of a recent competition, the video received multiple comments from other team members expressing their support for Kevik.

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Leadership is essential for any health or safety initiative. There’s a reason that a key cornerstone of Vimocity’s approach is Leadership Training. The leaders of your company set the tone for the entire organization. Training them on how to prevent injuries is essential for lasting success within the company.

Kevik’s commitment to movement health is a perfect example of why Vimocity’s partnership with this energy company has been so successful in preventing strain and sprain injuries over the last several years. The leadership of fantastic people like Kevik sets a precedent among team members that movement health is a priority for the company and for their quality of life. All of us at Vimocity can’t fully express how fortunate we feel to partner with leaders within safety like Kevik.


I have been with the company for 10 years, with my first 7.5 as a Fish and Wildlife Specialist at our Baker River Hydro Generation Facility, and the last 2.5 years in Safety. I enjoy spending time with my family, being involved in my church and community. I have had multiple knee injuries, including two ACL replacements, and many other injuries, including my right shoulder. I have regular stiffness and soreness in these three areas on a regular basis but have made some pretty big improvements over the last year and a half.


Because of my previous sports injuries, I was careful not to do a lot of things I use to be able to enjoy doing. Regular activity and exercise were some of those things. After incorporating many of the movements and stretching into my daily routine, I find I am now able to do those things I once loved.


I take the time to work out at lunch or the end of the day before I go home. I have tried working out at home, but there are too many distractions that keep me from sticking with any kind of regular routine. My favorite tool is the Tiger Tail. It does wonders on my legs and back. In fact, my volleyball and basketball players use it every day before they step on the court. So they have bought into, and see the benefits of adding this simple tool to their workout routine.


It’s easy. Even if you start by setting aside 3 minutes a day to stretch or roll out, it only benefits you. Do that a couple times, or three times a day, and you are guaranteed to feel better.

As Kevik alluded to, keeping team members safe and feeling good at work is only part of the story. Setting team members up for success so that they can thrive in life in general and even into retirement is what sets good companies apart from great companies. A company’s leaders set the tone for the entire organization and that’s why all of us at Vimocity feel so strongly that leadership like Kevik’s needs to be celebrated!

We can’t thank Kevik enough for his leadership and dedication to safety and the movement health of the hard-working team members he works with.

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We’re constantly inspired by the stories we hear from Vimocity Athletes about how movement has helped you. We’d love to celebrate you and share your stories. If you have a movement success story and you would like to share your experience in an effort to help motivate others, follow this link.
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