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Let’s face it. Life is busy. Between jam-packed days of trying to get to work, complete our to-do-lists, and take care of our families, we often have little time left for ourselves. Body maintenance and preparing our bodies for movement often get pushed to the backburner. We at Vimocity even find ourselves falling into this trap from time to time. That’s why we were so inspired to hear how one group of warehouse employees at Puget Sound Energy committed to making movement part of their daily routine and have successfully kept it going.

Allen Salcido, a Warehouse Employee with an energy company, was the catalyst behind the group’s success.  Allen knew that the work his team was doing involved a high volume of physical labor and a pre-shift warm-up could be a great way to keep the team safe and pain-free.

Beginning the first week of the year, Allen decided to initiate leading the Vimocity movement routine at the start of each day. Once Allen set a precedent, other members of his team joined in and began holding each other accountable. The members of the group have noticed feeling better both at work and outside of work and are motivated to keep the momentum going.

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“I personally saw how it helped people get ready for the day, including myself. It makes me feel that it’s important to participate in an activity that is going to reduce the possibility of injury just by engaging in a warm-up routine.”  -Allen Salcido, Warehouse Employee-

To keep the routine fresh and fun, different members of the team volunteer to lead the movements each week by signing up on a posted sheet. Having different leaders provides more people the chance to bring their unique energy and spin on the routine, including adding their personal favorite movements or stretches.

“Using these dynamic stretches that I’ve learned from Vimocity has really helped me to properly warm up before exercising.  The routine is something to look forward to in the morning and I think it really helps to wake everyone in the warehouse up.” -Andrew Smith, Warehouse Team Member-

Vimocity had the opportunity to visit this group and see their movement prep in action and it was a blast! Everyone was laughing, having a good time, and personally invested in the process. We were so inspired to see their dedication to prioritizing movement despite their busy schedules. They reminded us that it doesn’t have to take a long time or be boring. By far the hardest part is getting started!

We encourage you to get started with your team today, even if it’s just once per week to start. Your body will thank you!

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