Two Colleagues Take Action To Improve Fellow Coworkers Lives

Headquartered at the Puget Sound Energy Vernell location, Mark Hammer and Lillian Eaton are working hard to make a positive impact on their coworkers lives—and they are just getting started. 

Both Mark and Lillian are Vimocity Program Champions, meaning they lead and promote Vimocity’s Daily Body Care routines within their organization. Mark has been at PSE for 27 years, and is currently Senior Energy Trader. Lillian, who has been at PSE for 20 years, and is a Senior Risk Control & Credit Analyst. ​Although working in different departments, they’ve collaborated on many projects, and this is the most exciting one yet.


Recipe for Success: Consistency is Key

If there’s one thing that produces visible results from following the Daily Body Care routine—or any healthy movement plan for that matter—it is consistency. One of the best ways to stay consistent, is to stay accountable—and success rates improve dramatically if even one person commits to being an accountability partner. 

So this past February, Vimocity trained 67 Program Champions across Puget Sound Energy with the goal of creating more consistency within the Daily Body Care routine. To get the ball rolling, In March, Vimocity launched an incentivized, company-wide team challenge to encourage individual employees to perform Daily Body Care as a group. In that first month alone, 700 PSE employees logged over 12,000 Daily Body Care sessions. How’s that for progress?

Mark and Lillian came up with a plan to sustain momentum and the group at the Vernell Building has been experiencing great results. The duo offered a Daily Body Care session every day, at the same time and place, and invited employees from their respective immediate work groups. This created diversity and a more inviting environment for peers from various groups to join.

The first seemingly simple but effective method was to create a recurring daily calendar invite. The second was a centralized location. The third was incentivizing participation by encouraging people to track their progress and earn ‘myWellness’ points—all through the ease of the Vimocity App. 

Groups average 4-12 participants a day, and over 40 people during Safety Meetings, where they show a short Vimocity walkthrough video. Mark and Lillian divide and conquer when it comes to leading daily programs, and when neither is able to be there, someone from the group steps up to cover.

When asked about the motivation for becoming a Program Champion, Mark said,  “I love the challenge; seeing how it can improve my life.” Mark is motivated to share what he does with others, and Lillian agrees. “I wanted to be involved any way I could.” A natural born leader, Lillian is part of several other groups at PSE and contributing to the wellness of her peers is something she is passionate about. 

Inspired by the progress of their peers after implementing Daily Body Care—Mark and Lillian are looking forward to even more positive changes in the future.



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