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Jay Allen of Safety FM, a safety podcast dedicated to changing safety cultures, recently interviewed Dr. Kevin Rindal, the Co-Founder of Vimocity, about workplace injury prevention.

Dr. Rindal has more than 13 years of experience working as a chiropractor with elite and professional athletes such as the U.S. Olympic Swim Team. But he grew up on a farm in small-town Washington State where he watched his hard-working grandfather’s body become stiff and sore which ultimately had a huge impact on his quality of life. This experience had an impact on Dr. Rindal, especially as he became a health care provider and realized that people don’t have to break down, and there are very simple steps that people can implement into their daily life to maintain their muscle and joint health; kind of like oral health and brushing and flossing our teeth.

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On this episode of SafetyFM, Dr. Rindal discusses with Jay how in the athletic world, nearly all athletes perform body maintenance on a daily basis, while manual laborers are usually not introduced to any of these concepts. Dr. Rindal goes on to explain how he and his team have been able to apply many lessons from their work with professional athletes to the workplace.

Dr. Rindal also explains how he and his team adapted analysis tools used in sports medicine to predict and prevent workplace injuries before they occur. These analysis tools are the basis for Vimocity’s 4-step approach to injury prevention, which is reviewed in this podcast.

Additionally, one key takeaway from this SafetyFM podcast episode is the importance of mobility. When the focus of a program is mobility and movement health, as opposed to exercising, this makes the program seem less threatening to exercise-averse workers.

Finally, Dr. Rindal and Jay discuss how an Investment in movement health is an effective and engaging way to lower worker’s compensation costs while at the same time increasing employee morale.

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