Strength In Times of Adversity

By Dr. Kevin Rindal
Vimocity Co-Founder and CEO

Little more needs to be written regarding the current realities and incredible impact the Coronavirus has had on communities around the world.  Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have experienced loss or are currently rallying behind a loved one who is fighting for recovery.

For those who have been impacted in other ways, namely working remotely, for those who are searching for employment during this economic downturn, or those who are trying to balance getting work done while still investing in their children who may be off from school for the next weeks, these are uncharted waters and a time for us to all come together and become stronger in the face of adversity.  Over the next several weeks, the Vimocity Team will be ramping up our efforts to support communities across the country, specifically in three areas,  helping you:

    1. Keep a Strong Mind
    2. Keep Your Body Moving
    3. Keep In Community

1. Keeping a strong mind during times of uncertainty is critical, yet can be very challenging, especially when inundated by really hard news, the uncertainty of the impact this disease will have on people’s health and the economy, and being reminded moment by moment of the challenges our world faces.  The themes we will be focusing on are joy and gratitude even amidst times of uncertainty.  A focus on gratitude will not only boost the spirits but has also been shown to fight off depression and directly impact the way that the brain functions.

2. Keeping your body moving is also so important.  Research shows that body movement and regular exercise are critical to maintaining overall health as well as mental and physical health…especially for our muscles and joints.  When working remotely, maintaining muscle and joint health can become especially challenging, as routines are disrupted, gyms are closed and you don’t have access to your regular ergonomic setup.

Well, the Vimocity Team has got you covered!  We are hosting live-streamed Daily Body Care sessions, live-streamed question and answers with Dr. Kevin Rindal and will be posting regular video content that will help you navigate how to set up your desk at home and how to keep your back, neck and everything in between moving and feeling their best.   We’ll also be posting videos with Vimocity co-founders Dana and Kevin Rindal leading Daily Body Care with their elementary-aged boys Grant and Logan. If you have kids at home, we invite you to have them join us for live-streamed Daily Body Care so that they too can get up and move when they are learning from home. 

3. Finally, we want to encourage you to keep in community even when you are away from the office.  Being in community helps us lean on each other when we need it most and stay connected to those who are also weathering this storm.  As mentioned, we’ll be hosting a variety of opportunities each day to join live sessions and engage with Vimocity Performance Coaches for Q & A.

About Vimocity:
Vimocity is a Seattle-based technology company that utilizes best practices from sports medicine to empower people with the education and tools  to maintain their “Movement Health” so that they can stay active and do the things that matter most to them. We currently support over 12,000 individuals across the United States who have access to the Vimocity platform through a company sponsored program.  We are now offering our platform and resources to the general population, as we see a great need for people from all walks and stages of life to have access to the tools and resources to help them move better, feel better and live better. 


Want to bring the Movement Lifestyle to your workplace? 

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