Working Remotely: The Ultimate Workstation Setup to Reduce Neck, Back and Wrist Tension

If you’ve ever found yourself working remotely from a laptop, you know that being away from your normal ergonomic workstation setup can leave you feeling pretty stiff by the end of the day.

You likely find yourself straining your neck to look down at your screen or straining your arms and wrists to reach the keys and touch pad. It can feel frustrating trying to figure out how to position your workstation to avoid pesky neck, back and wrist discomoft.

Forunately, 3 easy changes can help you optimize the ergonomics of your workstation while working from home, a coffee shop or meeting room.  Coach Steve breaks down the exact steps and 3 budget-friendly items in the 90-second video below:


3 Items to Improve Your Remote Workstation Setup:

  1. Nextstand: (click to view on Amazon)
    The Why: Raises your screen to eye level and is portable
  2. Foldable Keyboard: (click to view on Amazon)
    The Why: Keeps your arms at 90° to prevent shoulder strain and is portable
  3. Ergonomic Mouse: (click to view on Amazon)
    The Why: Keeps your wrists relaxed and in a neutral position
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