What it means to be a Vimocity Program Champion, straight from the PCs themselves

Program Champions are a special group of peer leaders and movement enthusiasts who have accepted a larger role in helping their co-workers move better, feel better and live better.  

Their dedication to using the Vimocity education and platform to transform lives in their company is essential to creating a culture of movement.  Today, we highlight the valuable contributions of Julie Finch and Ben Clarke from Puget Sound Energy.

Julie Finch
Puget Sound Energy – Georgetown

  • What does being a Program Champion mean to you?
    I’ve found Daily Body Care to be really beneficial.  It just feels good to get out of your chair and move. By becoming a Program Champion, I have built-in accountability for taking movement breaks, which helps me to feel better.
  • What is your greatest challenge as Program Champion and how did you overcome it?
    If someone is stiff or not moving well, they’ll join our Daily Body Care session.  This becomes a great opportunity to show people just how valuable regular movement routines are. I would say time is the greatest challenge, as people can get so busy, they don’t prioritize a quick movement break! Ultimately, people have nothing to lose by giving it a try – just do it!
  • How has being a program champion helped you to be successful in other areas of your life?
    By establishing a consistent Daily Body Care routine I now have more ambition to exercise.  It’s set me up with a great foundation for going to the gym regularly. I’ve even incorporated more self-care strategies into my day – things like massage therapy or improving my nutrition.

Ben Clarke
Puget Sound Energy – Georgetown

  • Why did you become a Program Champion?
    I was recruited by Julie Finch to work with her and support the role. With two of us working together we can implement Daily Body Care with better consistency. I’ve become more active outside and at the gym and really enjoy stretching. The group Daily Body Care sessions work well and fit my lifestyle. 
  • What is the most important thing you have learned as a Program Champion that has helped improve your own personal life or that of your family?
    I’ve learned that pain points typically stem from a problem occurring above or below the affected area.  I now have the tools to offer solutions to other people’s movement challenges. For example, I helped several temps make sure that their workstations were set-up correctly.  Doing so helped them improve how they were sitting, which allowed them to leave work with the energy and ability to do whatever they want to do
  • What advice do you have for new Program Champions?
    Consistency is key. Establish a time for doing Daily Body Care and stick to it.  Once that time is known, it’s just a matter of getting folks excited.


Want to bring the Movement Lifestyle to your workplace? 

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