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Vimocity is the employee-embraced health & safety solution that’s proven to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and associated lost time. We do it by making Olympic-level movement science accessible to everyone, in a manner that is relevant to their lives, both at work and at home. Senior safety leaders trust Vimocity to help make a difference in the lives of their employees.

Keeping the US Olympic swim team injury-free

Vimocity was founded in 2015 by Dr Kevin Rindal and his wife Dana. Kevin is a Seattle-based sports medicine specialist with 15 years of clinical experience, 10 of these were traveling with the USA National Swim Team as part of their sports medicine staff (including the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Teams).  During this time, Kevin pioneered an innovative approach to MSD injury prevention and treatment.

“I have always been a huge advocate of movement science and very passionate about teaching people how to look after their bodies so that they don’t suffer from all the 100% preventable injuries we see all the time,” says Kevin. 

“The program I developed was designed to help athletes (who perform the same body tasks repetitively) restore the mobility of joints that had become stiff and sore, and to balance flexibility and strength in the supporting muscles. When people move the way they were designed to, they get stronger from activity rather than breaking down. And the good news is that, once people learn these concepts, they can do 99% of the maintenance on their own.

A few months after the Games, two senior safety directors who were regular clients of Kevin’s, pointed out that their employees – front-line utility workers – also perform the same body tasks repetitively, and also suffer from many preventable injuries.

A light-bulb moment 

“It was a turning point,” says Kevin. “We realized that we could make this advanced Olympic-level science accessible to normal people – people whose quality of life is often reduced by musculoskeletal injuries gained from years of repetitive tasks performed at work. We also realized that the best way to do this would be to help large companies like energy and utility providers offer their people better injury prevention programs.”

And so Vimocity was born.

From sports medicine to tech platform

Kevin and Dana hired Vimocity’s first employees and began working with a couple of local utility companies.

Within the first year, the team generated tremendous results amongst the 1100 field-based workers they developed their first program for. They reduced the MSD reportable injury rate by over 50% and the direct cost related to MSD injuries by 93% – in the first year of the program.

This was the moment Kevin and Dana realized that their solution really did have the ability to change lives, and create happy, healthy and engaged workforces, outside of the sports arena.

“We quickly learned that employee engagement is vital to the success of any safety program, so we worked really hard to develop a solution that could offer relevant, personalized, and on-demand training content to employees,” says Dana. 

The team developed a technology platform that puts personalized training content at the fingertips of employees, so that they can access bite-size videos, articles and lists in the format they prefer, at the exact moment they need it.

“There’s a lot that goes into creating a safety program that becomes embedded into company culture, but giving employees instant access to safety content on their devices is one of the best ways to empower them.”

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Phenomenal growth, driven by the digital revolution

We now work with some of the biggest names in utility and clean energy in the US. In 2020, we partnered with several seasoned startup investors and we are in the very exciting (and slightly daunting) phase of fast growth.

A big part of our success has been as a result of the timing of our digital solution. Companies now understand the power of giving their employees access to digital devices and solutions. Even field workers, who traditionally don’t use much technology at work, are using mobile phones and tablets on a daily basis. Now they can use the Vimocity app to look after their bodies and prevent injuries.

Join us for the ride!

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We’ll leave you with this video that tells even more of our story and the philosophy behind our business:

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