Three Foss Maritime Colleagues Take Action to Improve Coworkers’ Lives

Based out of the Foss Paint Shop at the Seattle Shipyard, Randy Litch, Sam McCanless, and Ryan Reed are working hard to make a positive impact on their coworkers’ lives—and they’re succeeding.

When the Seattle Shipyard launched the Vimocity Program earlier this year, Randy, Sam, and Ryan were among the first to volunteer to be Program Champions for the movement health initiative. Having over 30 years of experience at Foss between the 3 of them, they’ve seen first hand the importance of taking an active approach to maintaining muscle & joint health in order to prevent injuries. Thanks to the leadership and collaboration of Randy, Sam and Ryan, the Paint Shop has committed to making movement part of their daily routine and has successfully kept it going.

Recipe for Success: Consistency is Key

Like any health or safety initiative, if there’s one thing that produces visible results- it’s consistency. One of the best ways to stay consistent is to stay accountable. Success rates improve dramatically if even one person commits to being an accountability partner.

To help achieve accountability and consistency with the Daily Body Care routine, Vimocity trained 38 Program Champions from various groups of the Seattle Shipyard. In the first month of the program, all Seattle team members participated in an incentivized Team Challenge to encourage performing Daily Body Care as a group. All of the teams rose to the occasion, collectively performing 1,400 movement routines in a month! However, it was ultimately the Paint Shop, led by Randy, Sam and Ryan, that brought home the victory. And it didn’t stop there! The Paint Shop has sustained the momentum far past that first Challenge and has seen tremendous personal and collective results. They offer a Daily Body Care session every morning, at the same time and place, and invite anyone available to join. They divide and conquer when it comes to leading the routine, and if someone is unavailable, another member from the group steps up to cover.

These leaders’ willingness to share how Daily Body Care has personally affected how they feel, both at work and outside of work, has helped team members understand the purpose behind the movement routine and kept motivation high. Inspired by the progress of their peers after implementing consistent Daily Body Care—the Paint Shop and the Seattle Shipyard are looking forward to even more positive changes in the future.

Want to bring the Movement Lifestyle to your workplace? 

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