About Vimocity

We're changing the way organizations keep their teams safe and healthy.

We believe that every employee deserves access to expert injury-prevention solutions and we're building the technology to make it happen.

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Our Comprehensive Approach

When looking for a solution to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), health & safety professionals are usually forced to choose where to invest their efforts - stretching programs, job-specific training or ergonomics. Vimocity believes you shouldn't have to choose. Our proven Movement Method brings together resources to improve each individual's muscle and joint health, optimize body positioning AND increase ergonomic efficiency. And the best part? This comprehensive solution is delivered in one powerful platform to help you scale injury-prevention across your entire organization.

Vimocity's Roots

Bringing the best from sports performance to the workplace.

Vimocity was originally founded as a side project by husband and wife duo, Kevin and Dana Rindal. At the time, they were looking for a way to provide local utility employees with the same proven injury-prevention principles that Dr.Kevin had developed in his work with the US Olympic Team. After the initial launch in the back of Kevin and Dana's sports medicine clinic, our team grew and spent the next several years focused on creating a solution that could be scaled across any organization while making a powerful impact in any individual's life.

The Values That Drive Us

People First

Above all, we seek to empower every individual we serve to be the best version of themselves and show them their value.



Movement Matters

We firmly believe that quality of life is directly correlated to quality of movement. That's why we're so passionate about helping our fellow humans move and feel better.


Delight & Surprise

The status quo is so overrated. In everything we do, we seek to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and their team members.


Growth Mindset

We're constantly growing and expanding the boundaries of what is possible to provide our clients with the very best solutions.


What Our Customers Say

"Since I started participating in Vimocity, I have experienced great results in my appearance and less back and neck pain. While working from home, can sometimes present challenges without daily exercise, this really works. "

Lorrie Sallins - Customer Service Professional, Tampa, FL


Who We Are

Vimocity is a group of movement specialists, sports medicine professionals, tech geeks, and business strategists bound together by a passion for developing a better way to keep employees moving and feeling their best. Every day we're learning and working together in order to be our best selves and achieve our mission of expanding the boundaries of what is possible for each individual through healthy movement. We're growing fast but have barely scratched the surface. We're looking for collaborative change-makers to help us serve people everywhere.

Get Vimocity. Get Results.

Make it easier for your team to move and feel their best both on and off the job.