Vimocity’s Mission


VIM ∘ OCITY (n): having energy and enthusiasm.

The Vimocity Blueprint

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    Create a Shift in Mindset

    Being stiff and sore doesn’t have to be accepted as part of daily life.

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    Reinforce the Shift

    Produce a noticeable and immediate physical effect.

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    Personal Assessment

    Individuals see and feel their strengths and greatest opportunities for improvement

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    Build Rapport

    Establish a personal relationship with a Vimocity Coach

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    Provide a Customized Plan

    Personal action steps to address individual limitations and improve quality of life

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    Show Personal Progress

    Regular assessments objectively track personal improvements and strengthen motivation and sustainability

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    Create Sustainability

    Ongoing team challenges and support to create long-term engagement and enhance company culture

Vimocity Leadership